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    A REVIEW by Sam Richardson

     Directed by Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas is a cinematic masterpiece that takes viewers on a scary path through the life of gangsters and organized crime. Released in 1990, this crime drama is based on Nicholas Pileggi's non-fiction book Wiseguy and has a stellar cast, including Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci. I know this movie came out long ago so it may not be appealing to people looking for modern-day films but I promise this movie will have you wishing to be a gangster by the end of it and having you watching over your shoulder for the rest of the night. 

      The film opens with a bang, both literally and figuratively, as viewers are introduced to Henry Hill,  played by Liotta, a young kid drawn into the mob-controlled streets of Brooklyn. The storytelling technique Scorsese uses is captivating, with Henry's narration guiding viewers through the highs and lows of his life as a gangster. The narration and the soundtrack featuring classic rock and roll hits help the film's energetic pace.

      Liotta shines as Henry Hill, showing his journey from an eager newbie to a dangerous mobster. The rest of the cast delivers fantastic performances, including De Niro and Pesci.  Pesci's portrayal of the crazy and unpredictable Tommy DeVito even won him a well-deserved Academy Award. He was my favorite character because of his terrifying psychotic snaps and impulsive decisions. The “funny how?” scene is my favorite scene in the movie. One of the most memorable moments in the movie is when Pesci's character, Tommy, reacts strongly to Henry Hill's compliment about being funny, and Tommy flips out asking him if he thinks he’s a clown. This scene is very funny, and iconic, but also shows Tommy’s true colors and how he will continue to act throughout the movie. 

      The characters are interesting because they're not just bad guys; viewers begin to understand why they commit crimes and how it's life and death in mob life as we see many key characters killed off.  The movie explores loyalty, betrayal, and the consequences of a life full of crime.

      In the Idlewild Airport heist scene, the characters decide to rob an airport because they need a lot of money fast. To them, regular jobs don’t pay enough, and committing crimes is their way to get rich quickly. The thrill of the heist and the bond and belonging they feel as a group also influence this decision. The scene shows how financial struggles, limited options, and the excitement of crime drive them to do things that are risky and illegal. 

       The movie keeps you hooked with its well-paced storytelling. It builds up the tension, leading to a powerful and intense ending that stays with you. The exhilaration I felt throughout this movie has yet to be replicated while watching another movie. I was on the edge of my seat aching to see what was next to come at each moment. 

     Goodfellas is a classic known for its compelling story, excellent acting, and Scorsese's brilliant direction. Goodfellas is a must-see whether you're a fan of crime dramas or just appreciate a well-made film. It's a timeless movie that remains impactful and eventful.