By Nathaniel Fryman

    After organizing Homecoming for the first time ever, and successfully completing a Spirit Week, the Student Council’s bar is set high for the rest of the year. 

      Student Council is a group of student representatives that reflect the body and voice of the school. There are five class officers who represent their grade, an Executive Board that represents the whole school, and the class representatives also work with the rest of the Student Council. 

      “My favorite part of the Student Council is the collaboration,” said junior SAC Representative Reagan Boyd. “Seeing students work together towards a common goal is incredibly inspiring and makes me so proud of the community we have built.” 

      The President of the Executive Board, senior Sara Tocci, has been in Student Council since her freshman year. Tocci wants the Student Council to be a space where students who want to work with others can bring change to the Masco community and to make it an enjoyable place for their peers. 

      “I was able to learn the ins and outs of the school, meet people from all different grades, and participate in events I probably would've been too nervous to go to without being a part of the club,” said Tocci. 

      Student Council gives students the opportunity to have a say in the direction of their school. Members can help change Masco and represent their peers. Students who want their voice to be heard join the Student Council because they want to see change or want to see their school community improve. 

      “Students are in kind of a unique set of circumstances where in school, many of the choices are fixed,” said advisor Benjamin Hanchett. “They also get a voice in shaping what their school looks like. They are a stakeholder.”

      Hanchett is excited for this year because last year it didn’t seem like they were fully back because of COVID restrictions. There are more opportunities this year for them and they also have a group of members who are ready for a new year.  

      “I'm excited to see how this new group will grow and change over time, and to see what new ideas we can put forth, and what we can bring back from before COVID,” said Tocci.

      Student Council is also important to the school, it puts together many events for the rest of the student body to enjoy. Hanchett’s favorite part of Student Council is watching the events come together and how this club ties the community and students together. It also helps the students interact with each other and the community that they live in.

      “This year I am excited to continue working with the Student Advisory Council at the state level, and to plan more school-wide events with Masco’s executive board and general student council!” said Boyd.




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