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    By Quinn Tierney

    Whether it was dancing in the pouring rain or spending hours making bracelets to trade with other fans, students went above and beyond in preparation and attendance of Taylor Swift’s recent concerts.

      Songwriter and performer Taylor Swift came to Gillette Stadium this month, performing three shows back-to-back. This allowed a variety of students to attend different show days and create completely different experiences. Specifically Saturday night, students and parents sat in pouring rain for the entirety of Taylor Swift’s set, leaving their elaborate outfits either covered by a rain poncho or soaked in torrential downpour. 

      However, these weather conditions did little to ruin fans’ experiences; if anything, they may have improved them. 

      “In my opinion, the rain made the concert that much better, especially during the Folklore and Evermore sections, because both albums are slow, and the rain made it feel even more magical. It was also a lot easier to see some of the lighting. Sure, my phone had minor water damage, and all the gems in my hair fell out, but there is nothing better than dancing in the rain,” said junior Camille Wayland. 

      While Wayland didn’t mind losing her carefully placed hair gems in the torrential downpour if it meant getting to see her favorite artist, her mother was more hesitant about the situation.

      “I sent all four of my girls and their friends to the Taylor Swift concert on Saturday night in the pouring rain! I couldn’t help feeling a little nervous sending everyone off to an event this big in these weather conditions without me. But, as the giggling group left the house singing and dancing and climbed into the limo, my worry dissolved into pure joy when I suddenly realized that this group of girls would be making memories to last a lifetime,” said parent Ruth Wayland. 

      Though there was no rain, the excitement for the concert was equally shared for fans who went on Friday night.     

      “Taylor Swift’s Eras tour was literally the best night of my life,” said junior Riley Campbell.

      Similar to Wayland, Cambell prepared in advance for the concert following various trends amongst Taylor Swift's fandom.

    “Before the concert, I wanted to dress up as one of her albums, since that was what everyone was doing. I decided on 1989 because it was easy and fun,” said Campbell. “Also, I made a bunch of friendship bracelets because a fun thing Swifties do is trade friendship bracelets. I also used markers on the back of my hand to write the number 13. It’s Taylor’s favorite number and it is again a Swiftie tradition.” 

      Fans of Taylor Swift have been connecting over social media and creating trends such as bracelet-making to build an even larger fan base and community amongst fellow Swifties. Masco students, many who belong to the Taylor Swift community, were able to experience the Taylor Swift concert while also forming a community of their own and dedicating themselves to something bigger than themselves. Whether it required staying up all night making friendship bracelets or having a broken phone as a result of torrential downpour, Masco students were willing to give up everything if it meant getting to see the artist they love and be a part of a community they adore.