• Overhead View of Masco

    Masconomet Regional School District serves the towns of Boxford, Middleton and Topsfield, known informally as the Tri-Town area. 

    Boxford, Middleton and Topsfield are rural towns that share a small town feel, each with its own distinct characteristics. Boxford has almost no commercial development and is heavily forested with many scenic hiking trails and numerous ponds, streams and wildlife. Middleton walks the line between its agricultural roots and rapid town development of industry, commerce and light manufacturing. Topsfield is a best known as the home to the Topsfield Fair, America’s Oldest Agricultural Fair, and features rolling hills, running rivers and a classic New England town common. 

    The Masconomet Regional School District, otherwise known as “Masconomet”, or simply “Masco”, educates students in grades 7-12 from these towns in two connected school buildings that are located on a single campus. A school committee that is comprised of eleven members representing the three towns governs the School District.

    Elementary school children in grades pre-K through six attend the three towns’ elementary schools, collectively known as the Tri-Town School Union. Superintendents of Masconomet and the Tri-Town School Union work together to foster the education of our children in such a way that our individual towns’ programs can remain distinct at the elementary school level, yet provide a common educational foundation.

    Together with our many partnerships, the tri-town communities actively contribute and support our students’ development, growth and well-being. We believe that when students feel physically safe, emotionally secure, and happy, they are in the best position to benefit from opportunities for intellectual growth and learning, development of character, self-discovery, and to find their unique place in the community. (Excerpt from our Vision 2025 statement)

    District Snapshot (October 2021)

    Middle School (7-8): 586 students
    High School (9-12): 1127 students

    District Administration

    Michael M. Harvey, Ed.D. (he, him, his), Superintendent
    Jeffrey D. Sands, MBA, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations
    Lynne Bennett,LICSW, CAGS.,  Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
    Katie DiNardo, High School Principal
    Philip B. McManus, Ed.D., (he, him, his) Middle School Principal