Vision 2025

  • Masconomet Regional School District Vision 2025

    Our Vision for the Year 2025 and Our Values 

     Our Vision

    Student learning is highly interdisciplinary and students are connecting learning to the real world and real-world problem solving. Curriculum and instruction is focused on this value; students are making connections between subjects because they are experiencing them as unified or related concepts, and

    Strong adult-student relationships are a hallmark at Masconomet. Teachers and others seek to understand each student as an individual with a unique background, life situation, and unique strengths and interests. They strive to recognize each student’s desire to find their place in the school and larger community, and

    All classrooms and curricula are learner-centered. All students are achieving the same standards in multiple ways based upon their learning styles, strengths, interests, and unique needs; they are learning in multiple ways and can demonstrate their learning through a variety of different assessments, and

    Instruction happens in many forms depending upon the teachers’ objectives and the nature of learners in the classroom. A variety of authentic learning strategies is common throughout the curriculum and across subject areas. Students and teachers experiment with teaching and learning strategies without fear of failing, and

    Our graduates are culturally sensitive, aware of global interdependency, and act confidently with understanding of their impact on the world. Intellectual and experiential learning takes place through a diverse curriculum, as well as school, community, and global experiences that stretch their cultural comfort zones.

    Our Values and Beliefs

    We believe that teaching and learning must be highly interdisciplinary, rigorous, and appropriately challenging for our students. They should grasp the relevance of subject matter to their present and future lives, to foster an understanding that solving real-world problems requires knowledge, skills, collaboration, and persistence, and

    We believe that when students feel physically safe, emotionally secure, and happy, they are in the best position to benefit from opportunities for intellectual growth and learning, development of character, self-discovery, and to find their unique place in the community, and

    We believe that when teaching and learning is personalized to the extent that it honors each individual’s unique needs, strengths, interests, and learning styles, that EACH student will have opportunities to achieve his/her potential. We value the education of the Whole Child, developing “initiative, integrity, imagination, an inquiring mind, self-knowledge, interpersonal skills, and the ability to feel and recognize each individual’s truth”, and (paraphrased from the Whole Child

    We believe that students are naturally motivated and curious learners and that their education should develop these attributes. Their school experience needs to foster initiative, independence, resiliency, grit, skills of teamwork and collaboration, and self-discovery. Educators value students taking risks and see the value of failing as part of the learning process, and

    We believe that the success of our graduates is dependent upon their ability to embrace and thoughtfully act within our world that is racially, culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse.


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