11.06.19 Meeting Summary Notes

Posted by MSC Community Relations on 11/7/2019

"Our SIP [School Improvement Plan] is a snapshot into what we feel are the necessary steps to move Masco in the direction consistent with Vision 2025 — specifically with the Vision’s acknowledgement that: student learning is highly interdisciplinary and students are connecting learning to the real world and real-world problem solving; all classrooms and curricula are Learner-centered and adults will strive to recognize each student’s desire to find their place in the school and larger community."

— Introduction, HS School Improvement Plan


School Improvement


Highlights from the November 6th School Committee (SC) Meeting:

  • School Improvement Plans for both High School and Middle School were presented
  • Driving question for HS objectives:  Where are our "unimagined spaces" (1) intellectually, (2) emotionally, (3) physically?
  • New Focus Goal Area introduced for MS, involving use of technology to achieve vision, with potential to introduce electives in coding and web-design. 
  • Faculty Professional Development again put small groups of HS and MS staff from across disciplines together to create their "big picture" vision for future Masco graduates.  Mr. Dillon reported that this collaborative process has felt new and inspiring for the faculty.

School highlights: 

Community programs:

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These are not meeting minutes and not intended to be a transcription of the meeting. 
NEXT SC Meeting: Nov. 20, 2019 at 7pm in HS Presentation Room. Meeting agendas, minutes, documents, and videos are posted on-line at: https://www.masconomet.org/domain/41 
 If you have questions, please contact our committee chair, Tasha Cooper, at tcooper@masconomet.org.