09.01.21 Meeting Summary

Posted by MSC on 9/4/2021

My hope as we embark on this year is that we all focus on hope and possibility, even amidst uncertainty or friction—to be able to strive toward our shared goals and make it a great year for our students.  

—Zillie Bhuju, Masconomet School Committee Chair


welcome back, lovelies!

A small sign in the high school library is one of many ways staff are welcoming students back to a positive school environment 





  • Committee Chair Zillie Bhuju welcomes everyone to the new school year
  • Negotiations Update:
    • Full statement from SC negotiations team in Summary Notes from the 9.01.21 meeting
    • Teachers’ CBA not settled; School Committee seeks assistance through mediation
    • Parties agree on concept of WIN block in schedule, but implementation requires contract settlement
  • Mike Harvey presented his Superintendent’s Report 
    • Mask mandate indoors per DESE requirement at least through Oct. 1
      • Masks not required outdoors
      • No social distancing requirements 
    • Covid-19 Protocols
    • Test and Stay Program coming soon
    • Drama Position is Unfilled
    • Bus schedules
    • Congratulations to art teacher Ursina Amsler
  • School Committee Protocols
    Approved unanimously
  • School Committee Goals for 2021-2022
    Approved unanimously with three small changes reflected in linked doc 
  • School Committee Subcommittee Membership
    • Budget and District Capital Investment (DCI) w/ liaison to town finance committees/gov’t
    • Policy
    • Community Relations w/liaisons to SEPAC, SHAC, COAs, district advisory groups, community-based “umbrella” orgs (TTC, MEF, PAC)
    • Negotiations
    • Anti-Racism
    • Membership adjustments reflected in linked doc

Further notes can be found in the Summary Notes* from the 9/01/21 meeting.  *These are not meeting minutes and not intended to be a transcription of the meeting.





NEXT SC Meeting: 

Our next scheduled School Committee meeting will be Wed, Oct. 6 at 7pm. This meeting will be held in person. Please refer to the “Public Meetings” page on the Masconomet Website for upcoming meetings. Meeting agendas, minutes, documents, and videos are also posted on-line at: https://www.masconomet.org/domain/41. Email any questions, comments or concerns to our committee chair Zillie Bhuju at zbhuju@masconomet.org