7/20/22 Summary of Meeting Notes

Posted by MSC on 7/25/2022

  • Call to Order at 7:00 PM
  • Remarks from the Chair – T. Cooper

Introduced & welcomed Lynne Bennett, new Assistant Superintendent of Student Services; started July 1st, 2022

Superintendent evaluation process: thank you to Dr. Harvey for his work on the self-evaluation; thank you to SC members for input/feedback; thank you to Zillie for compiling information from SC members. The superintendent’s evaluation will be posted with the meeting minutes once they have been approved.

No SC meeting in August. Next mtg in September.

  • Comments from the Audience

No community members in the audience tonight.

Dr. Harvey is happy with the audit; Bill Hodges asked for clarification as to who completed the audit; Tasha indicated we last signed the contract with this firm before we had a turn over in the superintendent and assistant superintendent, and decide to stay with them to keep consistency at Masco. Kosta & Bill, read the audit as completed by an individual – not by firm as whole – given that James Giusti, CPA signed it. Dr. Harvey said it is the same firm, Giusti, Hingson & Company, but that Mr. Giusti’s partner recently retired…so audit only signed by Mr. Giusti for that reason.

SC voted and approved audit; motion then removed by Bill Hodges; new motion made to appoint the firm of James G. Giusti, CPA as independent for school years 2022, 2023, 2024. Seconded; Unanimous vote approved by SC members.

SC members discussed; Zillie asked if it was needed to add an August SC mtg in order to approve anything prior to 9/7/22 mtg? Dr. Harvey stated it was not necessary from his perspective for an August meeting. SC unanimously approved calendar.

Zillie reviewed highlights from summative evaluation feedback from SC; purpose of evaluation: to be fair, thoughtful and useful, 3-5 goals recommended, within focus indicators per DESE guidance for administrative evaluations; Dr. Harvey submitted self-assessment (20+ pages) to SC to be reviewed by members; google form was developed, broken down into three sections: 1. progress toward superintendent goals, 2. performance standards per DESE rubric, 3. open response/feedback by members.

SC member narratives were summarized/synthesized based upon those comments that were repeated or observed as developing key themes. The full evaluation will be posted with the meeting minutes once they have been approved.

Summary of feedback reviewed:

    • Members were sympathetic to stress of demands related to COVID-19 related activities
    • Areas of strength: building culture of reflective practice among staff, focus on long view of students needs, development of new programs to support student needs, proactive data collection about student mental health was set in motion for upcoming years, development of pilot schedule
    • Areas needing improvement: communication and interpersonal relations at all levels between admin and staff, students and community memberships; need to increase responsiveness to stakeholders, need for more creative ways to be accessible to families (e.g. more modalities, seeking advice from consultant); effective communication needs to be a priority in upcoming year. Strategic and capital plans need to be developed.
    • Harvey – none of feedback is unexpected.
    • Kosta – acknowledged that the last 2 years have been very stressful for school and town administrators and is glad we were not in a place of needing to find a new superintendent in the midst of these stressful times of the pandemic.
    • Carolyn – asked if self-evaluation can be made public? Dr. Harvey agreed to share the written part of evaluation with no links or deactivated links, so that community members can see his reflective thoughts and how the process works. New goals will be developed based upon feedback from SC members and will aim to align with SC member goals for upcoming year as much as possible.


  • Subcommittee Reports 
    • Community Relations– P. Bernheart; Schedule will be developed for upcoming year; community tree in process.
    • Budget – T. Teleen; No updates
    • Anti-Racism – W. Hodges; Upcoming Mtg TBD
    • Policy – M. Ogden; Next mtg next Wednesday to review Section J (w/MASC)
    • Negotiations – T. Cooper; No updates
    • Liaison Updates; No updates



Upcoming Meetings:

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