9/7/22 Summary of Meeting Notes

Posted by MSC on 9/14/2022

A. Call to Order at 7:00 PM

B. Enter into Executive Session to conduct negotiations with non-union personnel (Superintendent Harvey) and to return to Open Session. Executive Session Purpose #2.

C. Remarks from the Chair – T. Cooper

Welcome back to school statement given

D. Comments from the Audience 

a. Several community members (including both parents and students) expressed support to move forward with turf field project. 

b. One community member raised question about the Schedule Pilot Program @ Masco and asked if feedback from staff and students will be sought out as part of process. 

c. Some community members raised concern of current conditions of athletic fields (e.g. holes, injuries, etc.)

E. Stantec Turf Fields Demand Analysis Report


a. Tasha Cooper (SC Chair) & Bill Hodges (SC member) – overview and history of project given

b. Josh Atkinson (Landscape Architect – part of 2019 study): Elsa Fisher presented (Park & Recreation Feasibility Study Expertise) findings: 

  1. Members raised questions regarding cost over time not showing increases due to inflation (used linear approach), cost based upon current rates; 36 weeks of use is their conservative estimate; order of phases are not fixed; used conservative approach so did not include summer use in this study, but potential for additional revenue is there in summer months (camps, leagues, etc.); differences in cost if you have lighting, more use daily, etc. that come along with turf fields; cost of turf was given, but not estimated based upon quality; study was conservative with revenue but not with estimated costs.

c. Next Steps – SC needs to discuss further and develop next steps moving forward (e.g. inviting stakeholders to mtgs, surveying community, etc.)

  1. Members raised questions regarding costs now with grass fields as compared to turf; what can be done to improve conditions of field now; phase 2 to be included in capital plan; SC members to send emails to Tasha with information members seek to know regarding Turf Project by next Monday 9/12/22, in prep for next SC mtg in October.

F. MASC Conference Attendees

a. Members should email Jackie and/or Tasha if they would like to attend November’s MASC conference this year.

G. Superintendent’s Salary for FY23

a. Dr. Harvey is starting his 4th year as Superintendent; he is last to be considered for increases in salary for upcoming year; keeping consistent with other contracts with 2.25% increases among staff, motion made to make increase; passes with majority vote.

H. Superintendent’s Report

a. Dr. Harvey presented: good to have sense of normalcy as we start our new school year; Masco and Tri Town Union presenting Parent University in upcoming month – to support parents and families on variety of topics relating to curriculum, character education, etc.; childcare will be available; see Superintendent’s blog for details; engaging in aspirational community conversation as part of Strategic planning process, how we can come together to problem solve and collaborate as we navigate complex issues; faculty, staff and students will be part of this conversation; 14 mth engagement; what are we doing well, where do we need to improve/change, etc.; will develop shared plan together with goals and objectives – to be completed by November 2023. Promoting Inclusion presentation – 9/13/22, link to register will be on blog post; negotiations with support staff will begin soon; upcoming school events: open house, picture day, senior parent counseling workshop, 9/29 homecoming dates, 10/12 PSATs; fall musical.

b. Members asked questions regarding: staffing status (all positions filled except paraprofessional positions at this time); bus transportation status (continue to have bus shortages, bus driver shortages, but things are functional); what will be done about current athletic field conditions (Jeff Sands – will follow up with coaches and athletic director – who are responsible for maintenance or problems with field conditions; chain of command should be starting with coach, then athletic director, then director of facilities, and finally Jeff Sands).

I.  Subcommittee Reports

a. 1. Community Relations– P. Bernheart  - no updates; calendar to be developed

b. 2. Budget – T. Teleen - no updates

c.  3. Anti-Racism – W. Hodges – no updates

d. 4. Policy – M. Ogden – met twice over summer; next mtg 9/23 @ 11:30 am via zoom with MASC representative

e. 5. Negotiations – T. Cooper – no updates

f.  6. Liaison Updates – no updates

J.  Consent Agenda 1. Approval of July 20, 2022 Meeting Minutes 2. Warrants $3,820,651.79 (32) signed since July 20, 2022; motion to approve; SC approved unanimously; motion to adjust agenda to remove Joe Ciampa – as he was not present; Zillie to be added as she was present; SC unanimously approved.