SUMMARY NOTES - Wednesday October 26, 2022 –  Regular School Committee Meeting

Posted by MSC on 11/1/2022

  1. Call to Order


  1. Executive Session to conduct strategy relative to collective bargaining with the Masconomet Association of Support Staff (Executive Session Purpose #3).  


  1. Remarks from Chair - Welcome, happy fall


  1. Comments from Audience - There were none


  1. Welcome Christine Bolzan as a Boxford School Committee Representative 


  1. SAB Report - Senior Stella Nagle reported that student council elections took place, and they had their first official meeting; focus is on promoting community; school spirit has been high - excited to keep it going; spirit week; hall decorating; pep rally; senior halloween dance.


  1. Approval of Co-op Wrestling Program with Essex-North Shore Agricultural and Technical School (ENSAT)– J. Daileanes – Masco has been the guest school in this co-op for the past two years; it expired last June and all parties would like to renew; ENSAT submitted the co-op form, which was approved by MIAA.  SC voted to approve.


  1. Middle School Principal’s Report – P. McManus

Please review the attached slide deck for a summary of this report.  

Gotcha Tickets are given for actions of kindness to be entered into a raffle

Project 351 (one for each town in the state) for 8th graders

Class Meetings - Culture of Kindness, Expectations for middle school

Student Council involvement with Thanksgiving Food Drive

Discussion about how is the schedule being received; Survey being distributed (details in superintendent’s report), but anecdotally, students like the dropped class and short Wednesdays, but the quick switch between classes and the long block are hard to get used to; M-block has had positive feedback from both staff and students. Survey will gather direct feedback from staff and students.  

Discussion about excels:  all the programs offered are filled and running; if there is more interest than space, it can be expanded to meet demand; these are often tailored to what students want.


  1. Superintendent Report  - Please visit this link to the October 26, 2022 edition of the Masconomet Superintendent's Report to the School Committee 

Topics include:

  • Strategic Planning Update

  • Schedule Review Committee Update

  • Classroom Observations

  • Student Meetings

  • Congratulations to Cast and Crew of Chicago

  • Good Luck to Our Fall Sports Teams

  • Tri-Town Council Programs

Discussion on student feedback about school lunches (from Dr. Harvey’s weekly student meetings): Work is being done to improve options, since several factors have so far made it different from the popular pre-pandemic service; options must follow the guidelines of the state-wide free-lunch program; the number of students getting school lunch has increased significantly; dining services has been short-staffed and seeking to remedy that in order to return to pre-pandemic service, particularly at Java. This includes breakfast options, which had previously been offered at Java.


  1. Vote on MASC Resolutions and appoint a delegate to the MASC Conference 

The committee voted to appoint Tasha as delegate with Zillie as alternate.

The committee voted on the MASC resolutions: #1 - yes, #2 - yes, #3 - yes, #4 - vote inconclusive, #5 - yes, #6 - yes


  1. Policy First Readings

    1. Consent Agenda:  Policies JA-JHD

Reviewed and voted to approve the first read. Second vote to follow.


  1. Approve Collective Bargaining Agreement with Masconomet Association of Support Staff

Voted to approve the agreement as presented.


  1. Subcommittee Reports

  1. Community Relations– J. Mclean - will meet Wed Nov 2nd at 6:30

  2. Budget – 

  3. Anti-Racism – W. Hodges - will meet Mon Nov 7th at 6:30 

  4. Policy – M. Ogden - will meet Fri Dec 2th 11:30

  5. Negotiations – T. Cooper

  6. Turf Field Task Force – T.Cooper - SC liaisons Tasha and Trevor and Athletic Director John Daileanes met with Turf-Up representatives Missy McSweeney and Mary Shannon; Turf-Up group is researching schools in area to put together a new spreadsheet to run our own scenarios on revenue potential; Masco awaiting update from Stantec (should have by Fri) for updated cost projections; SC task-force scheduled next meeting on Wed Nov 16th with Turf-Up reps to review data points; anticipate they will come to SC meeting on Nov 30th.

  7. Liaison Updates - Trevor has requested SC meetings be posted on Middleton town website; Zillie is coordinating town-based listening sessions in Topsfield monthly on Saturday mornings.


N. Consent Agenda

  1.  Approval of October 12th Meeting Minutes 

  2.  Warrants $2,089,073.12 (09) signed since October 12, 2022

  3. Approve MEF Grant in the Amount of $2000

  4.  Approve High School Quebec Field Trip April 28-30, 2023

              Field Trip Quotes

Voted to approve consent agenda.


O. Entered into Executive Session to conduct strategy relative to bargaining with non-union personnel (Superintendent Harvey) (Executive Session Purpose #2).  


Upcoming Meetings:

Please refer to the “Public Meetings” page on the Masconomet Website for a list of upcoming meetings and agendas.

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