WHAT TO KNOW - Part 4 - Masconomet Budget info for 2023 Town Meetings and Elections

Posted by MSC on 5/1/2023

topsfield override

Topsfield will see an increase of 3.9% ($346,337) in the town’s FY24 Operating Assessment for Masconomet (over FY23)
  • Of this, $246,921 is on a budget override; this requires votes at Town Meeting and on the Ballot.
  • The impact on the average single family tax bill will be about $107 per year ($27 per quarter, or $0.30 cents per day)
  • The impact of a failed override on the district is close to $800,000 to cut from overall operating budget
It is notable that this year's budget was significantly impacted by unprecedented external cost increases for mandated services.