Graduation Requirements

  • Affirmative Curricular Action


    The Masconomet Regional School District complies with and actively supports the intent of Title IX, Chapter 622, Section 504.  In accordance with this legislation, Masconomet encourages all students, regardless of their sex, race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical handicap, to select any of the courses or programs described in the Program of Studies.

    Graduation Requirements

    The following are the MINIMUM requirements for a Masconomet Diploma.

    1. CREDITS – 110 credits to be earned
    2. COURSES to be included in the requirement


    20 credits

    Social Studies

    15 credits


    15 credits


    15 credits

    World Languages 
    (in same language)

    10 credits

    Comprehensive  Health

    2.5 credits

    Physical Education
    (2 of these must be earned by taking PE classes)

    4 Credits

    Visual or Performing Arts
    (Class of 2026 and beyond)
    Pending Approval from the School Committee Spring 2022

    5 Credits

    Community Service (10 hours per year)

    40 hours

    1. As part of the Time on Learning regulations, all students must carry a course load of seven full-year courses or the equivalent. Some students may be enrolled in one Directed Study.

    2. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates that every student meet the competency determination in English Language Arts and Mathematics and pass one of the MCAS Science tests to be eligible for a diploma from a public high school.

Differentiated Diplomas

  • In an effort to recognize excellence and to more accurately describe each student's status upon completion of his or her high school experience, Masconomet will differentially award diplomas based on the following criteria:


    • Completion of all required courses
    • Completion of 110 credits plus community service hours

    Honors' Diploma

    • For a Diploma with Honors: All the requirements for the Diploma described in "A" and a Grade Point Average of 4.500 (Cumulative Grade Point Average at the end of the third quarter of the senior year).
    • For a Diploma with High Honors: All the requirements for the Diploma described in "A" and a Grade Point Average of 4.700. G.P.A. for early graduates is cumulative through their last semester of attendance.

    Global Competency Diploma

    Courses listed under the "Global" pathway can be used to qualify for the diploma. (Refer to the Masconomet High School website for more information)