Criteria for Admission into an Honors Course

  • The student must demonstrate: 
    1. proficiency in the subject by attaining a minimum grade of "A" for each marking period in the college-prep level or non-phased prerequisite course in the sequence;  Eighth graders approved for honors in March whose 2nd trimester grade falls below “A” will be removed from the 9th grade honors level request list.
    2. consistent punctual performance of assigned tasks;
    3. strong independent study skills;
    4. a positive attitude toward learning;
    5. willingness to take responsibility for his/her learning;
    6. the ability to:
      1. do rigorous research independently;
      2. write coherent, logical and mechanically correct essays;
      3. retain factual information;
      4. initiate and participate in classroom discussions;
      5. acquire and retain factual and conceptual material from resources other than the teacher;
      6. reason abstractly.
      7. self advocate.

    Once admitted to an honors level class, in order to continue to be recommended at that level into the following year the student must achieve at least a “C” each marking period.

    If the teacher does not endorse the student's selection, the student may appeal the teacher's decision through the Course Request Appeals Process. For more information on the appeals process, please see your Guidance Counselor.


General Homework Expectations

  •  Course Level  HW Expectations
     College Prep  2+hours per week per class
     Honors  4+hours per week per class
     AP  6+hours per week per class