Updated January 14, 2022

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is covering the costs of FDA-authorized, rapid, at-home COVID tests for commercial members for the duration of the federal public health emergency, in accordance with the federal government’s new guidance, effective Jan. 15, 2022.

    In line with the guidance, we will cover up to eight self-administered at-home COVID tests per commercial member per month for personal, diagnostic use, without cost-share and without any need for prior clinical assessment. The coverage is not retroactive and will not apply to any test kit purchases made prior to Jan. 15.

    Starting Jan. 15, eligible members can download this form, print it out and mail or email it to the addresses listed on the form. Members should save copies of their receipts, which may be requested at a later time.

    Blue Cross is creating a national preferred pharmacy network that will initially include over 20,000 retail pharmacies. In the near future, when the network is up and running, Blue Cross members will be able to go to a preferred pharmacy, such as CVS or Walmart, and obtain certain authorized tests for $0. For members who buy different tests or tests outside this preferred pharmacy network, Blue Cross will reimburse up to $12 per test ($24 for a box of two).

    Temporarily, until the network of preferred retail pharmacies is active, Blue Cross will reimburse for the full cost of any FDA-authorized, self-administered test bought at any retailer that typically sells COVID tests.

    We will provide more information via our website in coming days. In the meantime, if you purchase an at-home test kit on or after Jan. 15, please save copies of your receipts, download the above form and submit it, or make a claim online via our new system next month.

    Blue Cross continues to cover FDA-authorized COVID diagnostic tests, such as PCR tests, with no cost share for any member when ordered or administered by a health care provider following an individualized clinical assessment. This applies to all commercial and Medicare members.

    The health of our members is our priority, as always. We are working to implement this new coverage for over the counter at-home COVID tests as quickly and simply as possible. We expect our processes to continue to evolve. We will keep our members informed as we progress.