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  • Obtaining A Work Permit 

    In order to receive a work permit, the first step is to complete a permit application once a job offer has been obtained. The child's new employer will complete page 1 of the application. On page 2 the child's doctor (if the child is 14-15 years old), parent/guardian, and child will need to complete this page.

    The application can be accessed below from the website.

    Once both pages are completed the application can be submitted to the high school Registrar, Kristy Jennings, for processing.

    If the child is enrolled at Masco they can drop off the application at the High School Counseling Office during the school year. During summer break, the application can be emailed to the Registrar at

    If the child lives in the district but attends another school then the application can be emailed to Kristy Jennings at Along with the application, students who do not attend Masco must also submit a copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport. In addition, the Registrar will also need to know the child's eye color, hair color, facial markings, the current school they attend, last grade completed, and home address. This information can be emailed to Kristy Jennings at 

    At this point, the Registrar will write up the permit and the child will sign it, either in person or through email. Lastly, they will pass this permit into their employer and will be all set to start their new job.

    Minor (Ages 14 -17) Employment Permit Process

    All teens under 18 years of age must complete a work permit application and get a work permit before starting a new job. 

    For minors who are residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, permits are issued by the superintendent of schools for the municipality in which the minor lives or attends school. If the minor lives outside the Commonwealth, the permit is issued by the superintendent for the community where the minor's job will be located.

    Minors must provide the specific employer, work address, and job description to receive a permit.

    Minors who are not current students of Masconomet Regional School District but live in the towns of Boxford, Middleton and Topsfield can receive a worker permit from our Guidance department in the High School. The minor must come with the completed form, birth certificate, and Photo ID (if applicable).

    Click on this link to access and print the application:

    Employment Permit Application for 14 through 17 Year-Olds