SHAC Meetings

  • Council meets routinely one Friday a month throughout the school year.  The large group meets together during the first half of the meeting for networking and discussion of current topics and concerns, then the second half on action items to work on specific goals and objectives.  These working groups focus on current issues and can change given community concerns or needs of the district.  Below is a listing of some of SHAC's working groups in the past:

    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Transgender
    • Wellness
    • Life-Threatening Allergies
    • Youth Risk Behavior Survey
    • Substance Use
    • Recycling

Meeting Dates

  • Friday 09/27/19                                

      Friday 10/25/19     

    Friday 11/22/19

      Friday 12/20/19

    Friday 1/17/20

      Friday 2/14/20

     Friday 3/27/20

     Friday 5/22/20


Meeting Minutes

Annual Reports

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