•  “Every student deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.”

    The Whole Child Tenets

  • If your child has a chronic illness ( ie. epigastric reflux disease, asthma, diabetes, depression, anxiety, seizures, allergies, etc) please be sure to contact the nurse in order to discuss your child's health needs and/or concerns.  Most likely an Individual Health Care Plan will be developed that will meet your child's needs and help to keep them safe and successful at school.  Other ways of supporting your child may also be discussed.  Certain conditions (Diabetes, Life-Threatening Allergies, Asthma and Seizures) require a careplan for you to complete, including a signature of your child's PCP.  this will allow us to provide the necessary care, including administration of medication and performing procedures.   These forms are required annually, and must be completed and returned to the nurse's office at the beginning of each year. These careplans can be found on our resource page.

    If your child has frequent or multiple absences due to a chronic illness, the nurses will work closely with schol staff and your child's physician or medical team to assist your child in limiting these absences in order for them to be more successful academically. Please have your physician complete the Chronic Illness Absent Form in order to provide important information for the school team to use, in partnership with you, to create a more specific plan.  





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