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    Resources and Strategies for LBLD Students, Parents, and Teachers

Students & Parents

  • You know you’re smart. You’re good at sports, or art and photography, or music. You have great, creative ideas. So why is school so hard? Could it be you learn differently than your friends and classmates? Once you understand your learning style, you can transform your approach to your academics and experience success as a student.

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Your Questions?

  • If you are a student, parent, or teacher and have specific questions about supporting a student with a LBLD, please contact our LBLD Specialist Meg Smith

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    "That Works!" is a website of current resources and proven strategies for students with LBLDs, their parents, and teachers to address students' unique learning style and put them on a path to academic success.

LBLD Explained

  • Language Based Learning Disabilities (LBLD) are neurologically based differences that impact the processing, understanding, and expression of spoken and written language. Approximately one in five students, or 15-20% of the population, have a language based learning disability. Learning Disabilities are generally identified when there is a discrepancy between adequate overall intelligence and expected levels of achievement. A student with a LBLD often struggles with the most basic academic skills of reading, writing, organizing, studying and memorizing. While no one outgrows a learning disability, it’s important to know that students with a LBLD are very capable; they just learn differently and will thrive given the right supports and strategies.

LBLD Topics


  • In a class of 25 students, 3 or 4 of your students probably have a LBLD. This can lead to difficulties with:

    • Planning and using time efficiently
    • Organizing materials and information
    • Reading comprehension
    • Capturing the main idea
    • Learning and retaining key formulas, concepts or vocabulary
    • Expressing ideas clearly

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